Tom Comitta testifies as expert witness in Haverford Billboard Case

In addition to Haverford, Tom’s testimony will be submitted on behalf of Marple Township and Springfield Township in similar, ongoing Zoning Hearing Board cases.

Green Innovations in Town Planning & Landscape Architecture

Since the 1860’s when Frederick Law Olmstead helped to design Central Park in New York City, thousands of town planners and landscape architects have helped to humanize the built environment.  Following in the tradition of our forefathers, Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc. (TCA) has helped to advance the art and science of Placemaking.
 TCA has collaborated to create spaces that are attractive, functional and desirable.  We have promoted the general welfare of towns and townships, communities and cities, parks and playgrounds.  We have helped to improve the self-esteem of communities that have fallen on hard times (such as impoverished boroughs, villages, and unincorporated places).  We have helped to beautify streetscapes, landscapes, and hardscapes. 
 TCA is proud to announce that it will be sharing its more than 35 years of experience in its first publication “Green Innovations in Town Planning and Landscape Architecture”, expected in 2010.  Green Innovations will profile the transformation of places and spaces that people inhabit in their “pursuit of happiness”.  It will showcase what our forefathers have taught us, identify best practices in the Greening of America, and offer food for thought on overall Green Innovations in your neighborhood, community and habitat.