10 Years of TND in Pennsylvania, Part I

Lantern Hill TND in Doylestown, PA

August 2010 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) in Pennsylvania.  That is when the State General Assembly adopted Article VII-A as an Amendment to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), in hopes of enabling better-designed and more diverse communities, as well as promoting Smart Growth principles. 

TCA was there from the beginning and was an integral contributor to the legislation that was adopted.  Since then, the TCA roster of TND experience has grown to include an array of Ordinances and TND Plans for varied municipalities, including the smallest of villages, like Marshalton in Chester County, PA to the most rapidly growing areas, such as Cranberry Township in Butler County, PA.   TCA has authored 10 complete TND Ordinances that have guided the development of places such as Lantern Hill in Doylestown (Bucks County, PA) and New Daleville in Londonderry Township (Chester County). 

 In honor of this Anniversary, TCA will be highlighting its experience with essential ordinance elements and provisions, and focusing on projects in which we have been intimately involved.  Hopefully our “lessons learned” will assist your municipality or organization to better understand the role of TNDs in creating livable, sustainable places that are highly attractive and functional.

Check back for the next installments regarding:

Part II: Key Design Elements

Part III: Manual of Written and Graphic Design Guidelines

Part IV: TND and Form-Based Codes